SkinCare 101

Hi everyone, Jes here!

Let’s talk skincare!

We get a lot of patients that ask what products they should use and in what order they should apply their skincare.

The skin on our face is so different and often times thinner than that of our body. Not to mention, our bodies are often more covered than our faces, making the uncovered areas more prone to sun damage and environmental stress. Products made for the skin on our bodies are not meant for use on the delicate skin that is on our face, neck and decollete.  Some things to look for in face, neck and decollete products are ones that contain high quality L-Ascorbic acid, peptides, hyaluronic acids and moisturizers. These are going to not only help prevent further damage to these areas, but can also help reverse the effects of sun and environmental damage already done to the skin.

“In what order should I do my skincare?”

The basic rule of thumb is: Cleanse, Tone, Serums, Creams, SPF’s.

To start, find a face cleanser that best fits your skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc). After you have cleansed your skin, it is important to tone the skin, bringing its ph back to balanced. This allows your skin to welcome your further skincare at maximum absorption. Next would come your serums, thinnest consistency to thickest. After your serums have had a few minutes to soak in, you move on to your creams. These would be put on thinnest to thickest as well. For instance your gels, then any Retinol’s or corrective creams and then your moisturizer. Last, but not least, is your SPF. Placing this on last gives the skin the best protection between itself and the environment.

Your skin is now ready for you to take on your day!

PS: Drinking water doesn’t just keep you hydrated on the inside, but it also keeps the skin at its best performing condition!  So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


Let me introduce myself..

My name is Jes!  I work here in at Conklin Clinic’s as a Glo Skin Beauty Expert and lover of all things makeup and beauty!  I have had the pleasure of being trained by some amazing makeup artists and cosmetologists and am so excited to share all the information that I have learned in hopes that your beauty routine becomes as full of life as mine! Looking forward to keeping in touch with you all on here!




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